Why volunteer?

Volunteers play a vital role, they are the people who make our guests welcome, who listen and talk to them and offer them a drink and a snack.

Volunteering in this way is a chance to give back to society and make a difference to our community.

Volunteers need no previous experience as training will be given.

What we are looking for is a real desire to work alongside us in offering shelter to rough sleepers, and to show compassion.

Volunteers with relevant experience may be offered the role of volunteer shift leader which means they would be in charge of a shift and expected to be there for the whole night.

The hours are either the evening shift, from 9.00 pm – midnight, overnight from 9.00 pm to 8.30 am or morning from 6.00 am to 8.30am.

There will be the choice of venues and days. The number of shifts you sign up for is up to you. You will find it a very rewarding experience. Here are quotes from some of the volunteers:

"Volunteering for OWNS was a pleasure and privilege. The guests have so little; and yet they were so grateful and considerate."

"I felt that I gained at least as much from OWNS as I put in, and am very much looking forward to volunteering again this winter."

What people are saying.