Training for volunteers

Both new and returning volunteers must register for and attend our training each year. If you volunteered for OWNS in winter 2019, you will need to do the refresher training this year.

If you have never volunteered with OWNS before, you will need to complete a short registration form where you provide two referees. You will find out more about what is required when you attend the training session.

Each venue will operate different shifts where it will need volunteers who can help with setting up of the venue, welcoming guests, staying through the night, and helping to clear up afterwards. You can volunteer for as much time as you are able to offer. After you register for and attend your volunteer training, you will be able to select which nights, mornings, shifts, and tasks that you want to volunteer for through an online schedule.

The Oxford Winter Night Shelter would not be able to function without the support of its volunteers and Shift Leaders. Thank you!