What we have achieved

The Oxford Winter Night Shelter had a second successful year of operation. The capacity was doubled in 2019 to up to twenty guests per night. This level of capacity enabled the Oxford Winter Night Shelter to take people very quickly, which was an improvement on 2018 when there was a waiting list every night.

During 2019, 57 guests, both men and women, accessed the centres over the three months, January to March. Our estimate is that just over half of these guests did not return to rough sleeping. Naturally the Oxford Winter Night Shelter cannot take sole credit for this, but having a secure warm dry place to spend the night during the winter months is beneficial. Guests are rested and thus better able to work, to engage with agencies who can help them and are in better shape mentally, physically and emotionally.

Stephen Clarke, Head of Housing Services at Oxford City Council, has publicly said that the provision of OWNS' twenty beds meant that the number of people who were counted sleeping on the streets fell over the course of the winter.